Football Manager 2012

UPDATE: Football Manager 2012 has now been released!

Football Manager 2012 is due to be released around October/November time this year.  This website is designed to keep you informed with release dates and developments for the Football Manager 2012 game.  We will also list demo releases, updates and patches for Football Manager 2012 as and when they become available.

We are already on the lookout for pre releases of Football Manager 2012 at all of the biggest online retailers.  So rest assured we will scan the Internet for the cheapest prices and give you a head start on acquiring this year’s Football Manager instalment.  It’s sure to be a great game and building on last years improvements we are all really looking forward to what Sports Interactive has to offer.

Football Manager 2012 pre-order

Football Manager 2012 release date

Take a look in our Football Manager 2012 blog

Our Football Manager 2012 blog contains news and articles about the latest instalment of the Football Manager game.  We will keep you up to date with release dates for the new Football Manager 2012 game and we will also post the latest gossip on what to expect from the game once it has been released.

Once Football Manager 2012 has been released we will also post regularly as a supporting blog to the game discussing who the best players are to sign, what transfer budgets certain teams are given as well as many more useful tips.

You can leave comments on our blog and get involved by telling us who your favourite players are on Football Manager 2012, let us know what formations are working well for you and discuss all areas of the game with fellow Football Manager fans.

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Our Football Manager 2012 hot prospect preview

We’ve added a new post to our Football Manager 2012 blog previewing a list of potential wonderkids and hot prospects that could feature in the latest edition of Football Manager.  We talk about current youth prospects from the 2011 instalment and whether or not they will feature as strongly in the soon to be released 2012 edition.  We will also discuss exciting young players that could well become the latest smash hit in the 2012 Football Manager series.

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Football Manager 2012 new features

Will there be any new features added to the latest version of Football Manager when it is released later this year?  This is the place to debate and discuss all potential features for the new version of the game.  We will mention what we have heard so far but we also encourage you to all get involved and leave comments about either what you would like to see included in the new version of Football Manager or what you think Sport Interactive will choose.

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